We are Apituley & De Schepper. Charlotte & Marijke: two photographers that like to work together. Together we are Apituley & De Schepper PHOTO COLLECTIVE and founders of Apituley & De Schepper PHOTO MAGAZINE.

Our individual styles are different yet we look for similar things in photography: images that feel real, tactile, with a sense of freedom, often with positivity and warmth.

Next to our work as individual photographers, we see great value in operating together. It gives us more freedom to experiment, challenge, to create and encounter.

We are ambitious to get out there, try out new things and invite others to participate. Our collective does both autonomous projects and made-to-order assignments. With the addition of our own magazine we create a platform for other photographers to showcase their artwork.


Charlotte is a Dutch photographer who lives in Amsterdam. Growing up in the Dutch countryside, her work is inspired by nature in its beauty, rawness and sometimes its cruelty. There is always a sense of freedom in her work and the images are tactile and pure.

"I always search for the connection between our humanity and the natural world. My images are about our senses and how they make us natural, real.

After a decade of working as a fashion stylist in television, film and photography she picked up her old passion to pursue a career as a photographer. She graduated cum laude at Fotoacademie Amsterdam. Her first book 'Tunica' was selected among the best photo books of 2017 (Volkskrant).

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Marijke is a photographer born in Belgium and living in Amsterdam. She has 20 years of experience as a film maker and photographer. She graduated at the Fotoacademie Amsterdam with her project ‘Appelblauwzeegroen’.

“In my work, I focus on a diversity of themes that are inextricably linked. The feeling of being in between two worlds, of being there but not really fully present. The juxtaposition of things that tie me down versus real freedom.’

I combine portraits of people, stills and fragments from nature. These combinations can be surprising, strange or simply beautiful. They create a story where my dream world and reality come together. I aim for a poetic quality that creates a compelling flow through my work."

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