We are Charlotte Apituley and Marijke De Schepper. We are Apituley & De Schepper PHOTO COLLECTIVE. Photographers - but above all friends - that love to work together, try new things, invite others to participate and ambitious to get out there.

Although our individual styles as a photographer are different, we both feel attracted to images that are genuine, tactile, that have a sense of freedom with love and appreciation for life.

Our photo collective has not only brought us the joy and benefits of a partnership, it’s also the soil for our new dream project; launching Apituley & De Schepper PHOTO MAGAZINE.

Why? Because there's something rebellious in making a printed magazine in a digital age. Because we believe it still takes ink and paper to truly see and feel an image and a photographer’s dedication to the craft. It takes more than swiping over a screen to get into a creative mind, to experience an inner world or to really understand the message a photographer wants to convey. 


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